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Hair loss Testimonials

Hair loss testimonials from clients throughout the uk

Take a look at our clients hair loss testimonials, showing examples of how people with hair loss feel, and how they feel after receiving our
amazing Non surgical Hair loss procedure.

Pete Kannai’s story – Male pattern baldness

I remember just about 15 years ago, sitting at my friend’s hairdresser’s shop, before our usual Friday basketball game, when Dan who used to work on the funky hairstyles i requested from time to time, mentioned that my hair had visibly started receding at the back. As much as I tried not to pay attention, in the upcoming months I realised my life would soon change, and being so passionate about my hair, I knew my hair could soon be just a nice memory of the past. From that day on, there hasn’t been a day spent without a slight worry, until it became more and more obvious which clearly made me look older. I was only 20 and i looked about 25.  I had no choice but to finally say goodbye to my long hair with the help of a shaver, and a pair of scissors.

As much as I always looked confident and never let this change my performance in studies, work and social life, on the inside I just felt I couldn’t cope with the ever growing desire to get my hair back and wearing hats to hide the obvious was certainly not a solution. I had great friends, people around me who all accepted me for the way I looked but the only person refusing to do the same was me. I couldn’t be a friend of myself.

Despite doing previous researches on the internet about hair loss, I never really had the courage to make a step, being very unsure whether the result would be satisfying at all.

Until a recent conversation with a customer at work, that started about cars and then randomly ended up with the modern looks of design, including hairstyles. I thought I might have come across something very random, but still exciting. A hint about a local Hair loss Clinic in Chester and had to find out more, so once I got home I went straight to the computer and found their website. With the option of a free consultation I had my appointment booked straight away for the upcoming week. A consultation I attended with questions on my mind. The more I found out in the consultation, the more excited I became. The real difference was made though by the opportunity to meet someone at the clinic who had already had non surgical hair loss done. Instead of photos, I could see with my own eyes what to expect, which was worth more than a thousand words to me, and to have my questions answered by someone who has gone through the same difficulties as myself.

I felt this was a step I had possibly been waiting for, and taking that step should no longer be a matter of hesitation so I decided to have the hair replacement procedure carried out. Excitement, mixed feelings and loads of doubt had all been circling in my head as the day for my hair replacement was fast approaching but still… I was thinking, will it be good enough. I found out soon, it wasn’t just good enough, it was actually amazing.

I suddenly went from someone fighting hair loss to someone who gets compliments form others. No, it wasn’t my car or my clothes. It was my hair and if anyone asked me whether I would recommend this process to them or not, I wouldn’t say a word, I’d just smile then suggest to have a look at my hair and make their own decision. I have given this review to recommend Natural Hair Clinic because they changed my life back to how it used to be and i just feel like smiling all the time.

          Pete Kannai., Chester, United Kingdom

       Hannah Johnson’s story – Suffering with Alopecia arecia

At the age of 20, my hair started falling out quite badly from around the front and sides of my scalp. I visited the doctors and after tests, I was diagnosed with having Areata Alopecia, a condition were the body’s own immune system attacks the hair follicles and disrupts normal hair formation, I was prescribed a steroid solution and underwent steroid injections to eradicate my problem but nothing changed.

I used to have a lovely long thick head of hair but my condition eventually left me with only hair in the crown area and thin hair at the back. The front and sides of my scalp became completely bald.

I was traumatised to learn that my only option was to wear a wig, I couldn’t bare the thought of having to use something that would sit over my head all day, every day but I eventually went on to buy one. After wearing the wig for a few days, I realised I couldn’t cope with it, especially at work as I have a very active job and the heat generated from it was unbearable. My own hair coming from my crown area was still healthy and long but was simply lying there under my wig.

I eventually resorted to wearing a bandanna for work and had my own hair coming out the back like a ponytail but it did nothing for my self-esteem, both at work and in my social life. Eventually, I came across Natural Hair Clinic through a friend of my mother who knew about the company and I decided to pay them a visit. In my consultation my consultant examined my scalp and told me that they could replace my hair in the exact areas were my hair had fallen out, leaving the hair I had left at the crown to flow freely and integrate completely with the new hair that they were replacing.

I felt really exited and decided to give it a go, my consultant took a template of my scalp and measured exactly the area of were my own hair used to grow, then took a sample of my hair. When I returned to the clinic to have the NHC process carried out, I was nervous and excited at the same time. I really wanted it to work. The procedure took a few hours to complete and when it was finished, I couldn’t believe the transformation. I was back to how I used to look before I developed my condition. My new hair blended completely with the hair I had left on my crown. I now have a really nice healthy looking head of hair that feels great, I can style it which ever way I choose, and just as important, my new hair places no restrictions on my lifestyle.

Hannah Johnson, Chester, United Kingdom

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