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Direct Laser Expansion Processing Treatment (DLEPT)

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How Hair Grows?


Our DNA determines the number of hair follicles that we are born with, therefore it is impossible to increase the number of follicles on the scalp.

Hair growth is regulated by the dermal papilla, a structure located at the base of the hair follicle. The dermal papilla regulates which phase of the growth cycle a follicle is in at any one time and controls the blood and oxygen flow to the cell.

During the growth phase, rapid cell division takes place above the dermal papilla at the matrix. The dividing cells are pushed upwards from the follicle’s base where they harden and undergo pigmentation, a process known as keratinisation. Keratinised cells form the hair shaft and exit the epidermis, appearing to the naked eye as hair.

Follicular Miniaturization

Hair will grow thick and strong up until puberty, when levels of testosterone in the body increase. At this time, hair is the thickest and strongest that it will ever be. Testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by an enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. DHT that is not required by the sex organs for normal function may bind to DHT receptors located on the dermal papillae on the crown of the head combined with waste products in the blood causes a solid molecule build up.

moleculeThis process disrupts the hair growth cycle, resulting in the reduction of cell division in the matrix, a decrease in the production of keratinised cells and restriction of blood and oxygen supply to the follicles which in turn produces a shorter, thinner hair shaft. Consequently the hair follicle miniaturises and shifts back into the resting phase, giving rise to the term ‘male and female pattern hair loss’ – a condition referred to by medics as Androgenetic Alopecia, This process causes blockage to occur in the follicle passage, once these blockage have taken place inthe follicle passage further irritation of the cell wall is causes which restricts the supply of blood and oxygen to the hair follicle, a process which over time will cause the hair to weaken or fail and cause the body to shed unnecessary hair stands.

75% Of Men And 35% Of Women Affected By Hair Loss

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Our Lasers uses 100’s of DIRECT independently controlled tri true laser diodes with adaptive wavelength control modules .The main objective of the laser is to reduce the central thickness of the follicle wall, the laser beams penetrates below the hair follicle and the dermal papillae. Initially ensuing cascade of events helps kick start the mitochondria into converting ADP to ATP, providing energy for renewed cell division in the matrix. In this way, laser (DLEPT) stimulates cellular metabolism whilst drastically increases circulation which reverses the cycle of follicular miniaturisation. The outcome of this process is an increase in the production keratinised cells, thus an increase in the thickness and strength of the hair shaft, over the course of the months of treatment the blockages that are contained in the follicle walls will reduce and finally be removed , once completely removed the laser (DLEPT) then reduce the thickness of the centre of the follicle walls allowing the follicles to expand changing the genetic makeup of the follicles and stopping future blockage occurring thus changing the molecular structure of the hair follicle helping to prevent future build up or loss.

What Are The Benifites Of Direct Laser Expansion Processing Treatment?

  • Proven hair growth terminal hairs.
  • Stops the progression of hair loss.
  • Increase in hair tensile strength.
  • Increase in volume (thickness) from improved/repaired hair shaft quality.
  • Increase the number of stands per follicle.
  • Increase the scalp blood flow.
  • Removal of blockage.
  • Stop further future blockage.
  • Redevelopment of additional stands per follicle.
  • Redevelopment of the follicles cell matrix.

Hairs on the head are terminal hairs – meaning that they do have the potential to keep growing, long and thick, up until a certain point. When the hair on your head thins, it’s not that hairs “become” NOT terminal hairs, but rather the follicle becomes choked and clogged (Blocked) by allowing the blockage to pass and by expanding the follicle wall a long term positive result can be reached.

Over the course of your treatment at NHC you will be assessed and photos will be taken to document your results. Throughout your treatment period, our absolute aim will be to stop any further hair loss, thicken your existing hair and gain new regrowth.



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Direct Laser Expansion Processing Treatment

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