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Suffering with Hair Loss ? Find out how we can give you back a great looking full head of hair – Let us give you a New Look for a Better Lifestyle
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Non – Surgical Treatment


Natural Hair Clinic will provide you with the latest technological advancements in Non-surgical hair replacement, and ensure each hair replacement procedure is carried out to the highest of standards. With over 24 years experience, dealing with thousands of hair loss sufferers, we really can give you back that great looking head of hair you once had.
You’ll be amazed with what we can achieve!

Hair Loss Laser Treatment


Over your course of treatment at NHC you will be assessed and photos will be taken to document your results, over your treatment period we will aim to stop any further hair loss, thicken the hair you already have and gain new regrowth.
We have helped and continue to help thousands of male and females suffering from hair loss/thinning, so don’t delay!
Timing is everything and prevention is the best way to rebuild.
Welcome to the solution you’ve been searching for… Welcome to Natural Hair Clinic.
You’ll be amazed with what we be achieved!

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Laser Lipo Treatment


N.H.C.C incorporating i-LIPO laser technology, provides a non-surgical equivalent to liposuction. This is the latest in laser lipolysis, helping you lose inches and improve body contouring – with no pain and no needles. Our treatments, carried out by qualified therapists in our exclusive studios, use a high-tech Lipo machine emitting low levels of laser energy to break down fat in targeted areas of the body. Each client then undergoes light exercise to speed up the dispersal of the discarded fat. You will see significant results from your first session. These treatments were featured on the respected Channel 4 program –

Supersize vs Superskiny.

Surgical Treatment


N.H.C offers some of the best surgeons in the country to perform all the advanced and innovative surgical treatments for hair loss. Our clinic has the latest equipment and techniques to support our surgeons and their team of professionals during and after treatment. Our surgeons and doctors are highly qualified professional experts in the field of hair transplant surgery.

Pro Scope Hair Examination


With our revolutionary PRO SCOPE hair examination we can give you an in-depth look into the future of your hair weather you’re male or female, currently losing or not, maybe a family member suffer from hair loss or maybe you just want to give you hair a check-up.
The best cure for hair loss is prevention so give your hair a check-up today

Only £299.00
For a full pro scope examination

Don’t gamble with your hair
Give your hair the MOT it deserve
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Visiting Our Clinic

We specialize in Non-surgical Hair Replacement, Surgical Hair Transplants, Hair Loss Laser Treatment and Pro Scope Hair Examinations for both Men and Women, suffering with hair loss.
We also specialize in Laser Lipo Treatment which is an amazingly intelligent alternative to Liposuction.
We offer an outstanding personal service were we ensure the total privacy of each individual throughout your visit. We pride ourselves on ensuring you feel totally comfortable when attending a consultation or any of our treatments.

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Hair Loss – Men

Our Non-surgical hair replacement process allows you to replace as much or as little hair as you want.
The choice is yours!

Hair Loss – Women

Losing your hair as a woman, especially if you’re young or at a vulnerable time in your life, can be a catastrophic experience.

Our Services

We will provide you with the best possible professional service and care at all times. Each member of our team are highly…

Our NSHL Guarantee

Natural Hair Clinic have always offered a 100% guarantee which ensures that once your Non-surgical hair replacement…


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